module Rake::Win32

  1. lib/rake/win32.rb
Parent: Rake

Win 32 interface methods for Rake. Windows specific functionality will be placed here to collect that knowledge in one spot.


Public Class

  1. windows?
  2. rake_system
  3. normalize

Classes and Modules

  1. Win32HomeError

Public Class methods

windows? ()

True if running on a windows system.

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    # File lib/rake/win32.rb, line 16
16:       def windows?
17:         AltSystem::WINDOWS
18:       end
rake_system (*cmd)

Run a command line on windows.

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    # File lib/rake/win32.rb, line 21
21:       def rake_system(*cmd)
22:         AltSystem.system(*cmd)
23:       end
normalize (path)

Normalize a win32 path so that the slashes are all forward slashes.

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    # File lib/rake/win32.rb, line 49
49:       def normalize(path)
50:         path.gsub(/\\/, '/')
51:       end