Last Update: 2011-05-25 01:40:19 -0400

Rake Project — To Do List

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To Do

  • Need a nice API for accessing tasks in namespaces, namespaces in an app, etc.

  • Provide a way to disable -w warning mode.

  • Define a set of default rules that work in the absence of any Rakefile

  • What about cyclic dependencies?

  • Java support utilities

  • Installation support utilities

    • Check out installpkg.rb

  • Autogenerate Dependencies

  • Rules should apply to existing tasks if no actions are defined.

  • How to create multiple package tasks without task name collision?

  • Trap “ln -s” commands that fail and use “cp” instead (SMB mounted drives have problems with “ln -s”.

(moved DONE list to CHANGES file)