Last Update: 2011-05-21 11:23:15 -0400

Rake 0.7.1 Released

Version 0.7.1 supplies a bug fix and a few minor enhancements.


Bug Fixes in 0.7.1

  • Changes in the exception reported for the FileUtils.ln caused safe_ln to fail with a NotImplementedError. Rake 0.7.1 will now catch that error or any StandardError and properly fall back to using cp.

New Features in 0.7.1

  • You can filter the results of the —task option by supplying an optional regular expression. This allows the user to easily find a particular task name in a long list of possible names.

  • Transforming procs in a rule may now return a list of prerequisites. This allows more flexible rule formation.

  • FileList and String now support a pathmap melthod that makes the transforming paths a bit easier. See the API docs for pathmap for details.

  • The -f option without a value will disable the search for a Rakefile. This allows the Rakefile to be defined entirely in a library (and loaded with the -r option). The current working directory is not changed when this is done.

What is Rake

Rake is a build tool similar to the make program in many ways. But instead of cryptic make recipes, Rake uses standard Ruby code to declare tasks and dependencies. You have the full power of a modern scripting language built right into your build tool.


The easiest way to get and install rake is via RubyGems …

gem install rake    (you may need root/admin privileges)

Otherwise, you can get it from the more traditional places:

Home Page





As usual, it was input from users that drove a alot of these changes. The following people either contributed patches, made suggestions or made otherwise helpful comments. Thanks to …

  • James Britt and Assaph Mehr for reporting and helping to debug the safe_ln issue.

— Jim Weirich